We do a large variety of work, below are a few examples. No job is too big or too small. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Motorcycle seats

We can recover your bike seat in various differernt styles and colours, from pink to gold, we also do a standard black!!
Seat sculpting is also one of our specialaties, we can lower, build up or generaly change the style and comfort of your seat.


Tears, rips, burnrs and wear patches, all can usually be lost with some creative stitching. We also repair foam pads, springs and seat frames that have broke. Even holes in carpets and doors can be mended.

Full Re-Trims

Complete interior re-trims in Leather, Cloth/Nylon, Vinyl and Alcantara. Seats, door panels, carpets, dashboards, headlinings and custom parts can all be re-trimmed in a range of colours. If you're just wanting single panels or beading re-trimmed this can be a cheaper way to customise your interior.

Other Upholstery

It's not just cars or bikes we trim, we have covered Dentist chairs, gym equiptment, office chairs, horse carriages and even aeroplanes !!!